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Domain registration is really easy. To start the process, just enter the domain name you want in the box above to see if it’s available. Remember that choosing the right domain name and domain extension is vital to your business. Besides .com, .net, .org and all the country specific Top Level Domains ICANN (the authority that maintains the domain name infrastructure) has allowed many so called Generic-TLDs. Examples of GTLDs are .biz, .app, .amsterdam and many more. Although it’s becoming quite hard to find a fitting .com domain name it remains the most popular to date. Popularity in GTLDs registrations vary greatly depending on the country, the nature of the business and the industry.

We offer a selection of popular extensions that you can choose between when you register a domain. Our domain name registration service allows you to protect your valuable domain names. A registered domain name establishes your unique presence on the web and it belongs to you exclusively. Renew it with Masters in Webhosting as long as you need it or until you transfer or sell it. You can register multiple domains for a multitude of purposes.

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6,89 EUR
.eu€16,39 EUR
.info2,19 EUR
.net7,55 EUR
.co.uk15,88 EUR
.nl15,88 EUR
.de15,88 EUR
.org10,69 EUR
.us7,89 EUR
.me6,89 EUR
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