Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful public cloud platforms available today, but Azure can be limiting when scaling, or in complying with data residency regulations. Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to use the full functionality of Azure with the benefit of high-performance dedicated resources in a private environment. Using Microsoft Azure Stack, data residency regulations are no longer an obstacle as you know exactly where your data and workloads are hosted.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can help you transition the right workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. With an extensive set of platform services and consistent DevOps tools across Azure platforms, your development team can build applications that can be easily deployed and scaled. The familiar environment of Azure reduces your teams’ learning curve while helping your business become even more flexible.

Key Features

PaaS Functionalities

Microsoft Azure has an extensive set of Platform as a Service (PaaS) features that enable your business to operate with higher efficiency and agility. Service Fabric, Container Services and SQL Databases are just a handful of the many tools available to improve your business performance.

Data Residency

Host Microsoft Azure Stack in our EU-based data centers so you know the location of your data and that it’s safe. Our data centers are third-party certified and have extensive security measures in place. Additionally, our vigilance around GDPR compliance ensures your solution will conform to the latest requirements.

Dedicated Resources

Microsoft Azure Stack uses high-performance dedicated resources that work only for your processes and workloads. This makes sure your mission-critical workloads run at optimal speed.

Hybrid Ready

Our Microsoft Azure Stack Private Cloud solution gives you a truly consistent hybrid-cloud experience across Azure platforms. Develop, test and deploy workloads locally or in the cloud, based on the most suitable platform for your business requirements with unmatched flexibility and control.

Technical Features

PaaS Services

Enjoy the power of Azure in your dedicated environment with the extensive PaaS features Microsoft Azure Stack offers such as: Azure Functions for Serverless Computing, Azure Container Service supporting Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesosphere and Cloud Foundry.

Compute Services

Container Services
VM Scale Sets


Logic Apps

Application Platform

Web Apps
Mobile Apps
API Apps
Service Fabric


SQL Database
Storage Tables

IaaS Services

Microsoft Azure Stack has many IaaS features and functionalities such as: deployment of various sized VMs, Linux and Windows Containers, Virtual Networking, VPN Gateways, various forms of storage and Key Vault for secure protection of application keys and secrets.


Various size VMs
VM template gallery
VM Monitoring
VM Image Gallery
VM Depot
Scale up/down existing VMs
Application based VM templates
Creation of customized templates
Resource groups
Guest OS diagnostics and monitoring
Self-Service Portal
Service Management API
Linux and Windows Server Containers


Blob Storage
Premium Storage


Virtual Networking – Firewall
Virtual Networking – NAT
Virtual Networking – Site-to-Site VPN
Virtual Networking – Manage virtual networks and subnets
Load Balancing

Security & Management

Key Vault

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