The internet is fueled by content ranging from photos, videos, and live streaming, to gaming and e-commerce. For all this content to be valuable, it needs to be accessible and available to global audiences, instantly and securely.

Supported by our globally distributed network, our CDN portfolio combines our hardware and network expertise to bring you closer to users and delivers your content anywhere, anytime with lower latency and increased performance. Our portfolio includes our industry leading Multi-CDN and ultra-secure Private CDN.

What Is a CDN?

Content Delivery Networks (or CDNs) offer a reliable content distribution system for websites and online video platforms across the world. CDN servers work to speed up content delivery, such as websites, videos, games, and even software updates to web users based on their geographic location and the performance of the servers.


Content Without a CDN

Content is served from the original location. This uses more processing power and bandwidth, taking longer to reach the user and resulting in increased load and an inferior user experience.

Content With a CDN

Content is mainly served from the closest Masters in Webhosting CDN server. Delivery from the cache server reduces load on your origin servers and provides content to the user faster, resulting in a superior user experience.

Why Use a CDN? Key Benefits for Your Business

Better User Experience

With Masters in Webhosting Content Delivery Network expertise, customers get a fast and high quality experience anywhere in the world. Whether they are in Berlin, New York, or Singapore, when clicking a link customers expect content to load instantly, and not wait for slow loading sites or buffering videos.

Increased Security

An extra layer of security against cyberattacks is added with Masters in Webhosting CDN offering. Your core infrastructure is protected when an attack occurs because the malicious traffic is routed through our CDN cache servers, mitigating the effects of the attack.

Lower Infrastructure Cost

Masters in Webhosting Content Delivery Networks distribute your content through a global network of our Points of Presence, lowering your CAPEX and helping your bottom line. Regardless of your content origin, this reduces the need to have servers located in multiple data centers around the world or overpaying for peak capacity.


Our portal enables you to be in full control of managing the service. The easy-to-use portal and REST API enables you to manage your Content Delivery Network from a single interface. Configure push and pull zones, instantly purge your files when needed, and get valuable insights from unified reporting.

Choose the right type of CDN for your business

Masters in Webhosting Multi-CDN

Masters in Webhosting Multi-CDN expands your global reach and presence. This makes more of the best PoPs available to you which are selected based on performance, helping you guarantee the best experience for your end-users.

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Masters in Webhosting Private CDN

Masters in Webhosting Private CDN enables full control over your content allowing for the build of your own PoPs with almost any configuration possible.

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